Saturday 21 October – Workshop on pizza “in teglia” and “alla pala”

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17.00 – 20.00

60,00   IVA incl.

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The workshop last for 3 hours and participants will share all of the items prepared during the evening, accompanied by a beer.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will have acquired the necessary skills to make different types of dough based on their understanding of the various formulations, ingredients, and methods. Part of the evening will focus on the use of “unusual” flours, including whole wheat, spelt, and corn. Participants will learn in detail about how to use sourdough yeast starters, brewer’s yeast, and doughs that combine the two, as well as different methods to manage the leavening process. Pizzas will be cooked both in a pan (in teglia) or using a peel (alla pala), and participants will be invited to experiment with different combinations of carefully selected toppings. In addition to the hands-on aspect, the workshop will also cover the theory behind mixing techniques, planning and time-optimization, recommended equipment and how to use it.


My name is Matteo Serpi and I am a chef and baker with international experience. For years, I have been focused on bread, cereals, the supply chain and distribution, paying close attention to the local and sustainable dimension of the food system, with a specific interest in the various stages of production and how products and raw materials are processed. In addition to bread-making, I collaborate with various initiatives which aim to create networks of conscientious producers/distributors and enhance territories, communities, and the circular economy, including the biennial events of the UK Grain Lab in Nottingham (UK) and the meetings of the Forni and Fornai-e project organized by the Grano Alto Community in the Italian municipality of Monghidoro (BO).


Date: 21/10/23

Time: h 17:00 – 20:00

Min 6 Max 14 participants

Includes: workshop, a portion of everything prepared, 1 beer.

The workshop will be confirmed upon reaching the minimum number of participants. If cancelled, participants who have already paid will be refunded via the same payment method. Any cancellation will be communicated via email one day before the scheduled event.