The people with whom we collaborate are friends, professionals, and researchers who take great pleasure in sharing their knowledge and passion with others. They are the beating heart of this project and without them, none of this would be possible.

Alessandra Castelli

Her journey towards listening to her body and self-awareness began in 2010 with Vipassana meditation, a practice that taught her how precious, useful and beneficial it is to be connected with yourself. In 2012, she started to practice yoga, which she found to be the perfect point of contact between listening to the self and movement. For her, yoga is meditation in movement, it is connection with one’s body, it is training of the mind to concentrate, it is breathing but it is also an ideal tool to strengthen and improve flexibility for those who practice more or less high-impact sports. She graduated RYS 200 – Yoga Alliance – at Studio Yoga A.S.D.C in July 2018.

Alessia Battaglino

Has conviviality and hospitality rooted in her DNA, having been raised in one of the most historic restaurants in Bra – Ristorante Battaglino – taking the reins in 2010 as the fourth generation of her family to run it. Over the years, her idea of “taking care of people” has turned into “taking care of your body and your environment” but the importance of food has remained constant. This is how her passion for vegetarian cuisine was born, leading her eventually to attend La Sana Gola in Milan. She loves theater and books, she will never stop learning, experimenting, and worrying about being able to feed anyone who comes within her range.

Nahuel Buracco

Nahuel Buracco is a cook at the Pollenzo Food Lab of the University of Gastronomic Sciences where he is involved in teaching and applied research in the field of gastronomic transformation. In 2016 he attended the Master of High Quality Italian Popular Cuisine at the University of Pollenzo. He subsequently gained experience in various restaurants both as a cook and baker.

Enrico Costanza

Culinary gardener and forager, has turned his passion for the plant world into a real profession: cultivating herbs and vegetables for catering. Since 2018, he has been the Professor of the ‘Cuisine Gardening’ course for the Master of Culinary Arts at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo. In 2022, he participated in the XII edition of MasterChef Italia as a guest judge.

Matteo Bigi

Matteo collaborates with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo to design paths of transition towards healthier and more sustainable school canteens throughout Europe. He holds a Master’s degree in Advertising, Publishing and Business Creativity, but is also a cook and a gastronome; education and food literacy are among his current research objectives.

Claudia Cane

Having graduated from Yoga Alliance at the Samadhi (Jacopo Ceccarelli, Florence) in 2012 with the 200-hour teacher training course for integral yoga, she found her “home” in 2013, when she continued her training with another 500 YA at Marco Mandrino’s Hari-om. In 2014, a precious meeting with Gianmarco Coventry enriched her practice and her life. Gianmarco also introduced her to his teacher, Clive Sheridan, whom Claudia has been following in Europe since 2015.

Soojin Yang

A visual translator from South Korea. Mathematics, food and art. Mingling different backgrounds in my life, Finding a pattern between them, And creating visual ways to communicate. Since graduated from a Master of Applied Gastronomy: Culinary Arts, I have developed anthropological research on Korean food culture and shared those knowledge through visuals in Italy.

Marzia Raballo

Marzia Raballo is trained as a Professional Educator, Pedagogical Consultant, and Dance Movement Therapist (ATI).
She holds DMT courses for universities, kindergartens, nursing homes, and training centers. She teaches body movement awareness with groups of adults, seniors, and pregnant and postpartum women. She also organizes and conducts team-building workshops for companies such as Intesa Sanpaolo, Edilizia Acrobatica, etc using art and the body as a means of expression.

Anna Busca

Her first encounter with Vinyasa Yoga happened at university in 2010. 2010. In the four years following, she continued to practice on her own, albeit sporadically, in an attempt to find balance through other means.

In 2014, the practice of Yoga became fundamental for her. What had begun as physical exercise became a path to get to know herself deeply and accept herself: yoga practice thus becomes thought, freedom, tenacity, surrender, independence.

Carol Povigna

Carol Povigna is a graduate in Gastronomic Sciences and a cook; she deals with food education, training, and research and has been working at the University of Gastronomic Sciences for 10 years as Coordinator of the Pollenzo Food Lab. She firmly believes that cooking is for everyone and that it is an excellent tool for taking care: of oneself, of others, and of the planet.

Nicolò Paganelli

Forager and founder of Spontaneus lab, since years he’s been studying fermented products, living together with a multitude of bubbling vases and weird moulds. He loves words and stories of microbes and wild herbs. Since 2018 he leads workshops and experiences regarding microorganisms and spontaneous vegetation, collective cooking classes and walks in nature. Some of the things he’s been experimenting are ancestral cooking techniques, traditional fermented products of the Mediterranean basin, preservation techniques and the use of invasive species, producing beverages and ecosystemic preserves.

Penelope Volinia

Is originally from the metaphysical Ferrara, she passionate about foraging and artisanal production. With a background in graphic and food design, the interest for the food world has brought her to study fermentation and its millenial history, food culture and ethnobotany. One can quite often busy in learning some new profession and job. After learning how to wave straw chairs from her mother, in the last few years she fell in love with the traditional weaving techniques of different cultures with materials collected in nature. She switches from the cheesemaking, foraging and cooking worlds. In the Spontaneus Lab workshops she brings a creative approach and high manual skills.

Angela Bambino

She is a well-known and long-standing member of Ristorante Battaglino’s culinary team, who had the very important task of passing on all the secrets of making fresh pasta. Great Tajarin, Plin, Ravioli, and Gnocchi depend on carefully selected ingredients, but most importantly on the dexterity and practical skill that can only be learned by being next to her.

Federico Dutto

Born in 1986, a non-practicing pharmacist, husband of Francesca and father of Ludovica and Matilde. With over ten years of experience in marketing and sales for pharmaceutical and multinational food companies, he decided to found LIM to create his own world, returning to the essence of things. He is a determined dreamer and believes in small and constant daily changes.

Andrea Bertola

Is 45 years old, born in Cuneo but a global citizen; he is an explorer and researcher by nature, not only in the world, but also of the mind. He has been interested in spiritual evolution since 1998 and after years of research and engagement with different masters and traditions, he found his “spiritual place” in the Indo-Tibetan tradition of buddhism at the Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa Italy in Pomaia. At the end of 2015, after a three-year training course and internship, he graduated as a Mindfulness Counselor under the guidance of various teachers and masters.

Marco Pilato e Leonor Corrales

Marco Pilato and Leonor Corrales Retana are Selvaticalab, a creative fermentation project. Marco is an engineer who has always been passionate about fermentations and the anthropological aspects of the micro-world. Leonor, an agronomist and food technologist, is the alchemist of microorganisms, combining science with fermentative magic.

Emanuela Genesio

Having taught modern and contemporary art at the university level for many years, Emanuela Genesio specializes in the study of interdisciplinarity of contemporary languages through theory and practice of visual art. She is a certified RYT 500 Yoga Alliance teacher and part of the teaching staff of the Hari-om International Yoga School, where she offers interdisciplinary methods for the practice of oriental disciplines (Yoga and Qi Gong) through the sporting association “Andando per Stare”.

Giulia Viberti

That body, mind, and spirit are connected to each other and to celestial energies has always been clear to her, even from a young age. Her journey in the world of yoga began with years of practice before graduating as a Natural Yoga Flow teacher in 2020 (RYT 200 at Natural Yoga Academy). In 2022, she expanded her studies to the discipline of evolutionary humanistic astrology, working as a counselor under the teaching of the astrologer, Lidia Fassio. She unites these two worlds in a practice she calls ASTROYOGA – where the energies of the microcosm meet those of the macrocosm. In 2023, she is embarking on a new path which takes her into the realm of the sound and vibration of the ancient Gong.