Homestyle breadmaking

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4 hours

N. Pax

2 – 12


10.30 – 14.30, 17.30 – 21.30


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This activity includes a 3-hour baking workshop, followed by a light lunch or dinner with drinks included. During the workshop, participants will “mettere le mani in pasta” (literally, get their hands in the dough!), in order to better understand the raw materials, the difference between yeasts, different kneading techniques, fermentation, and how to bake homestyle bread and focaccia. In the area surrounding casa B., there are many custodians of local, high-quality ingredients, such as biodiverse flour, dairy products, and vegetables, which will be used to bake and flavour focaccia, bread, and much more.


Nahuel Buracco is a cook at the Pollenzo Food Lab of the University of Gastronomic Sciences where he is involved in teaching and applied research in the field of gastronomic transformation In 2016 he attended the Master of High Quality Italian Popular Cuisine at the University of Pollenzo. He subsequently gained experience in various restaurants both as a cook and baker.


Nothing that’s too difficult to find!
All around casa B. there are shops that supply local and high quality ingredients. In addition to unique products, you can develop a direct relationship with these custodians of these valuable products to increase your awareness of the supply chain. Biodiverse flours, dairy products, and vegetables will make an appearance to add flavor to focaccias, different breads, and much more.



  • 3 hour lesson on homestyle baking
  • recipes
  • aprons to use
  • light lunch or dinner, water, Wilden Herbals herbal teas, La Cabra home-brew coffee, 2 glasses of wine per person (2-3 participants) or 1 bottle of wine per 4 people (4 or more participants) chosen from: Barbera – Franco Conterno, Arneis – Daniele Sandri, Alta Langa Brut – Garbarino
  • Wi-fi
  • audio-video system
  • exclusive use of the space



Anything not listed under “Including”



A light lunch or dinner is an informal meal which consists of 5 courses, served family-style.
Participants may order other wines available from the wine list of Battaglino restaurant.
Menu adaptations will be made for any food intollerances, allergies, or dietary preferences.



Duration: 4 hours

Time: 10:30 – 14:30 or 17:30 – 21:30

2 – 3 people € 150,00 pp
4 – 12 people € 100,00 pp