Foraging & the wild kitchen

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4 hours

N. Pax

4 – 12


09.00 – 13.00, 17.00 – 21.00


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100,00   IVA incl.

This workshop will allow participants to discover Roero’s plant biodiversity, through an immersion in the green world of wild herbs. They will explore and collect the spontaneously growing herbs of Roero, and then move to the kitchen of casa B. to get their hands “in the dough” and taste the preparations of Spontaneus Lab together.


Spontaneus Lab is a research and experimentation project that started in 2018, led by Nicolò Pagnanelli and Penelope Volinia. Through teaching and practical experiences, they examine the dimensions of wildness and freedom that characterize spontaneous vegetation and food fermentation, they organize foraging and transformation workshops, they train chefs and professionals, and hold creative workshops.


Roero is home to plants, herbs, roots, fruits and much more. These spontaneously growing products bring with them their own stories of the ecological identity of the territory.



  • 1,5 hour workshop on Foraging
  • 1,5 hour workshop on Wild Kitchen
  • aprons to use
  • light lunch or dinner, water, Wilden Herbals herbal teas, La Cabra home-brew coffee, 2 glasses of wine per person (2-3 participants) or 1 bottle of wine per 4 people (4 or more participants) chosen from: Barbera – Franco Conterno, Arneis – Daniele Sandri, Alta Langa Brut – Garbarino
  • Wi-fi
  • audio-video system
  • exclusive use of the space



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A light lunch or dinner is an informal meal which consists of 5 courses, served family-style.
Participants may order other wines available from the wine list of Battaglino restaurant.
Menu adaptations will be made for any food intollerances, allergies, or dietary preferences.



Duration: 4 hours

Time: 09:00 – 13:00 or 17:00 – 21:00

Price: 4 – 12 people € 100,00 pp