Tuesday 12 December – Gong Bath with Giulia Astroyoga

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25,00   IVA incl.

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An hour oand a half of partica followed by an aperitivo.

Gong bath with Giulia Astroyoga

The gong bath is a very deep sound massage that reaches out to touch our bodies in physical terms but also our subtler essences such as mind, heart and soul. It is called a ‘bath’ because of the feeling it gives of being enveloped and completely immersed in vibrations and sounds.

Through the percussion of the gong in the recipients, alpha as well as theta and delta waves are stimulated in the brain, midway between sleep and wakefulness. Leading to a deep state of relaxation.

Vibrations allow access to hidden and little-visited parts of one’s psyche: memories may resurface, images may appear, thoughts of all kinds may occur, and insights into problem solving may be gained.

In addition, every single cell in the body receives a massage directly from the sound-related vibration. This process can lead to the emergence and dissolution of old physical pains and the approach to states of inner joy and peace.


Giulia Viberti– Body mind and spirit are connected to each other and to celestial energies – was always clear to her from a young age. His path began with the world of yoga, which he practised for years before graduating as a Natural Yoga Flow teacher in 2020 (RYT 200 at Natural Yoga Academy). She continued in 2022 with the study of the discipline of evolutionary humanistic astrology as a counsellor under the teaching of astrologer Lidia Fassio, coming to unite these two worlds in a practice she called ASTROYOGA – where the energies of the microcosm meet those of the macrocosm. In 2023, she embarked on a new path that led her to the world of sound and vibration of the ancient instrument of Gong.

Orario: 19.00 – 21.30

€ 25 pp

Includes: 1.5h yoga practice followed by aperitivo, water, Wilden Herbals herbal teas, La Cabra home brew coffee, wi-fi, audio video system, space for exclusive use.

Note: it is advisable to bring a blanket and pillow. We have some mats for those who don’t have them, but we advise those who do to bring their own.

The workshop will be confirmed once the minimum number of participants has been reached. Should it be cancelled, paying members will be refunded using the same payment method. Any cancellation will be notified by e-mail one day before the event.